Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How Social Media Marketing Can Fail

Digital marketing has taken a major leap since the introduction of popular social media platforms. Long gone are the days when the only chance you could promote digitally to your customers is when they opened the email you sent them. With social media, small business owners now have the opportunity to interact and be viewed as relevant problem solvers. If you think social media is not working for you, however, you might be committing the following mistakes:

Content lacking in quality. Let’s face it, people tend to be more interested in viewing the next gag show video. Don’t expect lackluster and irrelevant content to steal their attention. Any post you make should connect with people. Make sure that they find your content valuable but also personal.

Prioritizing quantity over quality. There are situations where a social media account has thousands of fans but a low patronage-to-sales conversion rate. You might be wasting time and effort on empty numbers. Focus on the fans who actively engage with your posts, and you will yield better results. Study their profiles, then tailor your posts to what they need. Likes and follows are of no value to a business unless they bring in revenue.

Not responding to comments. Ignoring what people say shows that you don’t care what they think. While you don’t have to respond to defamatory statements or troll messages, take time to at least thank your supporters, or privately appease any disgruntled but reasonable customers.

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