Wednesday, January 14, 2015

How to Maximize Social Media in 2015

Are you spending more on social media marketing this 2015? Do you know how to maximize your investment yet? Indeed, social media will play a large part in the digital marketing efforts of any business this year. After all, more consumers subscribe to these channels when conducting research or interacting with companies. These channels, however, have to be utilized wisely to make the most out of one’s marketing money.

Set Your Social Media Goals
Like any project, a social media campaign must begin with concrete objectives that will determine the direction of any strategy. Will you use it to boost brand awareness, get more leads, or facilitate customer service? These goals will form the basis of all your plans.

Use the Right Platforms
Although Facebook and Twitter may let you tap a wide audience, these platforms may not necessarily be what your business needs. Retailers, food businesses, lifestyle brands, and many other visually-inclined businesses may find it beneficial to be active on Instagram and Pinterest, for instance. B2B companies may also need LinkedIn to better connect with their clients.

Maximize Paid Ads
Creating engaging content should always be a priority on social media, but it is also worthwhile to explore your paid advertising options on these channels to have a more targeted reach. A digital marketing expert can help you in smartly investing on paid slots in your customers’ newsfeeds as part of your plans to achieve your marketing goals.

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